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 Server rules

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PostSubject: Server rules   Mon Nov 09, 2009 5:58 pm

We appreciate that players follow these rules:

Lengths of bans are down to GM discretion and level of severity.

Permanent account ban:

3rd party hacking programs
Impersonating GMs / Server Staff
GM/server bashing
Server Advertising
Meta gem stacking
Trying to scam passwords
Account trading

Character ban:

Any names (including guilds) which are deemed racist, include foul language or names made to impersonate someone, if you have any of the following put in a ticket and get them changed. (10d - Permanent)
Item stacking, this includes player buffs, food buffs, item buffs... (10d)
PvP combat in Dalaran/Shattrath/Ebon Hold, you may duel in Ebon Hold (2d)
Racism, depending on the severity this can and will include a permanent account ban (10d - Permanent)
Exploiting bugs, this can also be escalated to a permanent account ban (10d - Permanent)
Abusing broken spells, items, enchants, etc. to gain clearly unfair advantage in PvP (10d - Permanent)
3rd party programs used to control more than 1 char at the same time, (Dual boxing is OK as long as you control each separately) (10d)
Having a Spell/Talent/Skill you are not meant to have, i.e.: Thrown on a Paladin or Death Knight (2d)
Anyone found having more than 2 professions will have them ALL removed; if you have more than 2 please submit a ticket to have this fixed (self reports don't receive a ban and can choose which of the 2 professions they want to keep). (2d)
Abusing items such as Mammoths to mass spawn will earn you a 2d-1m ban depending on severity.
Abusing Line of Sight bugs in raids (pulling bosses through doors, out of their rooms, etc.). The ban will be issued for the whole party / raid group inside the instance (5d - 1 month)


These will vary from 1h to 1week.

Excessive swearing
Excessive spamming
Excessive flooding
Actions that provoke behavior described above (such as anal / harry potter / etc. jokes)

English only to be used in server wide channels, not including say/party/guild/raid.

Rules may change accordingly.
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Server rules
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